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Sell to us

Take a Photo

If you have an item to sell to us, take a clear photo, ensuring that everything can be seen. Also, let us know if there are any marks, scratches or faults with the item too.

Email or WhatApps

Once you are happy with your photos, send them in an email or via WhatsApp and we'll get back you as soon as possible.

Make sure you provide a name and contact number also.


We will have a look at your items, possibly contact you for further details and decide if we can use your item for retail. We will make an offer based on the condition of your item(s).


We will make an offer based on condition and location. We will pay you either by cheque or in cash and you will need to provide your name, address and ID. Finally, we will provide you with a receipt too.

Send your photos via email or WhatsApp:


WhatsApp: 07548967499 or 07710092201

What do we buy?

At Architectural Salvage, we buy from many vendors across the UK and Ireland. So, if you're renovating your home , replacing old tiles or you're a building contractor looking to sell us items, here is a list of stock we are always perusing for:

 - All roofing products, e.g. tiles, slates, ridge tiles etc

 - All bricks, e.g. decorative and building

 - Cobbles

 - Outdoor Features, e.g. gate posts, garden features, flag stones, etc

 - PVC Doors and Windows 

 - Wooden Flooring

 - Paving slabs or stones

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